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- installation and finishing of hardwood flooring 
- hardwood flooring repairs 
- hardwood flooring refinishing 
- custom staining, sanding, stripping and cleaning 
- pre-finished, unfinished, laminated and engineered wood 
- staircase tread refinishing 
- borders and inlays 
- water and fire damage

ask your contractors the following questions:
Is project preparation included and what's included in it?
My answer: Sanding down to raw wood using between 2-5 different grits 12, 20, 40, 80, and 100 depending upon what your floor needs to be done right.

What steps are you going to take, to protect my home?
Secure electrical connection for all machines, no smoking in the house, dust bags and cords for machines removed when not in use or done for the day, if flammable finish is used all pilot lights for stove water heater dryers etc with be turned off, along with using as much common sense and taking as much care as possible to insure a smooth operation. Lock the doors when I leave.

What are the steps included in the floor sanding process?
For basic floor sanding: sanding, scraping corners, hand sanding edges, vacuuming the floor seal coating with oil based poly-urethane, allowing the floor to dry then buff screening the floor and applying the last coat of finish. Aditional tasks will raise prices accordingly.

How many paper grits are going to be used for sanding my floor?
Between 2-5

How many coats of finish are you going to apply and what type?
2 of oil based poly-urethane, each additional coat is $0.75 per square foot. Just because someone says they always do 3-coats doesn't always make it better. The finish I use actually goes on slightly thicker than most making it high-build, some low build finishes require three coats to achieve the same end result. Contractors that use low-build finish that takes more coats should not penalize you for there choice in products.

Is the finish going to be free of VOC's ?
No the oil based finish I use does has some VOC's, once dry it can be aired out to eliminate the smell. Custom finishes will add to the price even if you purchase the finish, different finishes require different sanding preparation the same applies to custom stain. Only oil based finish should be used with oil based stain, the same applies to water based stains.

Dustless Floor Sanding Myths (Informational)
Whether people like it or not I'm a pretty straight shooter when it comes to evaluating products and procedures in the industry. It's my job to provide the best to my customers. Better products are synonymous with better service. Marketing gimmicks are pretty useless in my eyes.

(I'm writing this on 08/17/2013 for your date reference) Last week I refinished a floor for a customer who had been the victim of a well marketed franchise. Specifically they swore up and down that the job would be done on time and would be dustless. The opposite was true when they returned from their vacation. There was apparently enough dust from the sanding that they dust traveled through a closed door and covered everything in one of their closets. I have used a "dustless" vacuum and I found that my American sanders actually do a better job at collection than adding a vacuum can do. The dustless system I tried has now been relinquished back to the company I borrowed it from to try. A big part of why "dustless" vacuums do very little is that good floor sanding machines capture dust and send it back to collection at a rate that exceeds the vacuum capacity of every "dustless" vacuum I've tried including Hepa Vacuum as long as the bags are in good shape. I have used "dustless" machines by Bona (including the trailer mounted vacuum), Clark, and Oneida and found that the extra setup time and equipment yielded minimal benefit in comparison to my Drum sanding machine by Alto.(Clarke, Porter Cable, American)

The advertising promises 99% dust free. How exactly do you measure that? This phrase allows 1% of the dust to escape into your house. If you have two trash bags of dust from an average sanding job that weigh approximately 100 lbs total, then that is one pound of dust that is allowable. Dust is not dense. 1 lb of dust would occupy roughly one large gallon Ziploc bag. What if I threw that in front of a box fan and told you it was acceptable? Remember, the refinish is still 99% dustless according to the marketing. Yes, this is where the homeowners who seek out information keep reading. The rest will click away and say that I'm a cynic.

It's not my duty to make gimmicks and sales pitches I follow N.W.F.A. (National Wood Flooring Association) accepted practices. I have a duty to honor what I say. So here's my take on the hardwood floor refinishing that I do: When we leave your house will be clean as I can possibly make it. Whatever methods we use to end up at a clean house is my decision but the end result should be a fairly clean house. There may unfortunately be some dust left behind. Hire your contractor based on the quality of their craftsmanship, knowledge, and enthusiasm. Gimmicks lack value and you may end up wasting time hiring companies with a slick salesman who has never sanded or installed a floor and simply passes work orders to the first guy who is available who owns a sander. I do all my own work and am involved with every job.

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